The Incredible
Ed "Cookie" Jarvis

The 46-year-old St. James native has gained national fame for his gustatory feats, tackling a wide array of foods. Like pizza? Jarvis can polish off a large (17 inch) pie in three minutes flat. How about vanilla ice cream? Cookie holds the record, downing one gallon and nine ounces in 12 minutes-without a headache. Cannolis? Cookie Jarvis ate 26 of them in 6 minutes. Maybe some Chinese food? He holds the world dumpling record at 91 in 8 minutes. Just last year Jarvis captured the World Rib Eating title at the Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, Ore. 2006 will mark Ed's 5th anniversary as a competitive eater. To this day Jarvis is one of the most recognized eaters in the world. He has achieved 34 titles!

This year Jarvis celebrated his 14th wedding anniversary to his wife Elyse.