Rankings of the top eaters on the circuit worldwide...........Timothy Janus ....... 4. Bob Shoudt... 5. Sonya Thomas.....6. Ben Monson..... 7. Eric The Red Denmark.... 8. Tim Brown....... 9.Paul Hunt.... 10. Matt Stoney...........

50 Birthday Photos Posted Here

Joey Chestnut takes the win and the
new world record at Nathan's Famous 4th of
July Hot Dog Eating Contest!

How To Eat 1 Gallon, 9 Ounces Of Ice Cream
In 12 Minutes Without Getting A Headache:
 The Secrets Of Ed “Cookie” Jarvis

Top 2 Competitive Eaters
no longer competing in IFOCE


Ed "Cookie" Jarvis
eats 53 wings in 3 min @ Mannys


See photos from Peter's Clam Bar Contest





"Cookie posing with Sopranos Star
at the Smirnoff Grape Contest"
R.I.P. Bobby 'Bacala' Baccalieri

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Cookie Monster Says
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How much weight
 will Cookie loose?
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22 Years old 292.5 lbs

My old pants! 66" Waist!

In my old pants! 66" to 40"

Previous Weight: 525 lbs
Current Weight: 279 lbs
Cookie has lost: 246  lbs
Future Goal: 262 lbs
Just 16.5 lbs to be 50%
 of what I used to be!
Previous 66" waist!
Now 40"!

"Cookie" vows to revert his body
to his former look pictured to the right. His Biggest Challenge Yet!


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